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What is The Bakewell Project?

The Bakewell Project is about securing the future of Bakewell and its surrounding population of 22,000 by tackling the most important economic, social, business support and training needs of the community. It arises from in-depth research and consultation. It is a sustainable plan of of action with many interlocking proposals.

What will the benefits be?

An independent study suggests that, by the year 2001, an additional £35 million income will be generated for the local economy by The Bakewell Project. At the same time over 200 jobs will be protected, with up to 670 new ones being created.

Who are the Partners?
Where does the funding come from?

The estimated overall cost of The Bakewell Project is in the region of £16 million. The funding comes from the following main sources:

The European Community Rural Development Commission Partners In Regeneration
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